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Well I am back, yea you read right I am back on the web. As soon as I get a cord for our digital camera I will start posting my newest crochet projects. Thanks to all of you who have visited here while I was gone form it. I will start updating as soon as possible. Sutty Lear
F.Y.I. I also have a new blog at

If you want a place for daily devotion and inspiration, or have a prayer request visit Pastor Rick. Click on above cross logo.

Come in, look around. I love to crochet and I love Jesus. My site is dedicated to the art of crochet and my love for Jesus. I will put pictures of projects, favorite links and anything fun I can find. So besure to visit all my pages. If you have a favorite pattern or one you've made up and would like it on here there is a form on the last page to submit it.  So Enjoy!!

You will find my Original Designs on the 5th page of this site. I have added my newest pattern for my 5 Petal Flower Stitch and Lattice. Please take.

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This is my newest poncho. I made it out of Woolease denium and I used the Love knot or Solomans Knot stitch. I learned the stitch but was not clear on how to make more then one row so I went by this pattern for a shawl I then laced up shoulder instead of sewing it. and added a little fringe.


This poncho is for sale. I made it for someone and they don't want it. It is a small to med in size. Give me your best offer and I will ship it to you free. E-mail me at
This poncho I used the spider web stitch and two rectangles. It is a x-mas gift for sister-in-law.  I have added the spider web stitch to my patterns page.


                                                                                                                         This poncho is also for sale
it is for a Large to plus size poncho
for sale. Give best offer and I will ship it.

Here is a V-stitch poncho I got the pattern off Crochet Pattern Central.




These two ponchos are my pattern and will post as soon as possible hopefully by tomarrow. The pattern has been added to my Original pattern page.



These two are done in the granny square stitch.



Well three more child size poncho's. The red, white and blue is my favorite.


This is another poncho and matching hat made with pattern listed below. I sent this to a friend in OK. she is going to be my advertiser to see if I can get some orders. Hubby modeled but made me promise to blck his face out.



Well my newest poncho's.  The black one is mine to wear during holidays.  The pattern is at   It works up easy and fairly quick too.  I finally found something to make with the Caron Simply Soft, in Embrodiery color. I added the little yellow flower to add an off set color to set it off.  I decided yesterday at 3:00pm I needed a poncho I could wear here because it is still warm here and I really never was interested in this pattern but I am pleasantly suprised and will make more of this one.


This is also for sale. It is a little girl size 8-10 small. Best offer!

This poncho is for a friend of mines grand daughter hoping to get some orders for them once it is recieved there. The first one is done in the granny square stitcha nd the second one is the V sitich and hdc's.



This little poncho and hat are for sale together. I would say it is for a 2-3 year old or a small 4-5 year old. Give best offer.


This is a scarf and hat that I made for a friend of mine from Jr High. I haven't seen him since Jr High. I just made them off the top of my head using brushed acrylic.

This isn't crochet but I did make it and it is a poncho.  I bought some cheap material at WM and crochet ribbon and made this asymetrical poncho.



These are the two Grand Granny Square Afghans I am making for my boys for christmas. They are really easy because it is just one big continuous granny square. Got pattern at:


This is the granny square lapghan it is called Stained Glass using all my left over yarns. This is a x-mas gift for my ex, who takes watch's after my boys in Oregon, Stan.  I HATE making blankets like this they are alot of work.


This is my baby Sheba. She is one of my favorite things!


This is a drawstring purse I came up with. I don't carry a purse very often but I like the way I can wear my water bottle holder and so I made the purse along that line.

Are you  Born Again Christian? Have you ask Jesus Christ into your heart? If not ask him today!


Alot of these cool graphics I got from a website called Wowgraphics.

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