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This is a hat and scarf I designed for the hat swap at Crochetville I will be mailing it out to it's new owner Friday. I am looking forward to getting mine.


These are the extra scullies I am making for the soldiers. We are making them and all sending them over to them. I have made six in all.

We are doing something over at Crochetville called R.A.O.K. which stands for Random Acts of Kindness. We post our wish list and if others can fulfill your wish they do and you do it for someone else. This is a Yarn Winder and Yarn and stuff and a beautiful wooden hook I recd from a wish granter.



All the ponchos and shawls with frames around them on  this page and others are up for quick sale. If you want one e-mail me with best offer. 


This is sorta an original design but I used other patterns as my inspiration. Such as I modeled the cowl neck after Dot's(bythehook Simple Wimple and then just any triangle one piece or two piece poncho and just did whatever stitch I wanted to and wala I have a cowl neck poncho. I really HATE writing up patterns and I'm not very good at it. 



This poncho is made of thread #10. It's Aunt Lydias in denium, linen and black. I did go back after these pic's and add the same edging at the top because it was a little loose. I just used the poncho pattern on Bella On-line and did my own stitches.

A forum friend found this on-line and me and my husband started it Thursday. I still have to stuff it and put a bottom on it before it can be come my crochet project model. Here's the link to the article


Well she is finished. I shaved a few pounds off her though I didn't need a fat crochet model form(LOL)

Modeling my Shell Shawl


These are the hats I did for the hat headz crochetalong for Crochetville.



This is one of the hats I made for my son for his b-day. Hubby is modeling it.

This is a shawl or cape but I love it. It was designed by Chelle at . I used her pattern to make me one, my color is black also.(hides the things we don't want seen)


This one has been laced up front so it is more a poncho but can be unlaced to make back into shawl.


I love my water bottle holder I use it everyday when I walk leaves my hands free to swing back and forth.


Well this is my finished blue caplet poncho. It didn't fit me so I am sending it to my neice. When I make another one for my self I will write out pattern and add to site.



Well this is my finished shawl. I love it and it is a b-day gift for a friend. This is the place where I got the pattern. She has really excellent directions. The multi-colored one is for my mom.

Well this is my pink poncho the patttern for it is on my Original Pattern Page of this site.


Well these are my poncho's. The first one is done in granny squares. The second one is done from the poncho pattern on Bella on-line and the last one is a mixture of a pattern and me.
The black poncho I made granny squares using this square
I then sewed it together with a running stitch. The neck was a little large so I edged it and added ribbon.
The blue one I used this pattern:
The multi colored one was a combination of this pattern
and the box stitch.






I am about 30% percent done with two of my afghans
40% done on my scrap afghan and my black shawl.
I am 0% done on most of my WIPS
I am 100% done on my white shawl
and 100% done with my new original pattern
"pretty Shell Shawl"
10% on my new pink poncho



Alot of these cool graphics I got from a website called Wowgraphics.

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