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I have decided to change this page up alittle.  In my opinion the best site for all free crochet patterns is
Rachael at Crochet Pattern Central is really on top of updating her pattern list. I will however add some links to my favorite patterns.
Here is an Excellent site for stitches. She has alot of neat ones.

Here I will list my favorite pattern links for poncho's.  Has alot of NEW PONCHO patterns. This is a blog but she has a HUGE list of both crochet and knit poncho patterns. She is the best hat designer I know and she is dabbling in poncho design to. This is the link to her pattern site. GO see she has several NEW Poncho Patterns. 2 poncho patterns here.  Petal Stitch Asymmetrical Poncho  Catherine has great poncho patterns some of her own designs.

Of course there is my Pink Poncho pattern on my Original Pattern page.

This is a shawl pattern but she closes it at the top and I have made one and laced it uo the front making it more of a poncho.

This is a really neat shawl pattern.

Thsi isn't a free pattern site but she has some really neat designs This woman has some gorgous crochet it's a must see.

This woman has some fantastic designs I think her whole wardrobe is in crochet.

This man is an excellent crocheter he offers a few free patterns but his work is a must see.

Well I hope to add more as I find them.


This is a tutorial by a nice woman on the About Crochet Forum it is for the flower stitch. The free flower stitch on Her directions are really hard to understand so this kind woman came up with this excellent tutorial.

click here to download file


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